Our environment

Our environment

We conduct our business with respect for the natural environment. We always look for solutions which help us manage our environmental impact.

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Climate Change

We look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Circular Economy

We strive to minimize waste in every aspect of our operations.

How our brands are making a difference

KFC logo
  • Since 2017, KFC has participated in the HARVEST program, saving tons of food each month.
  • KFC is using sustainable packaging across all markets. The brand has switched to recyclable paper bags, and changed the material used for shake cups to recyclable plastic.
Burger King logo
  • Burger King in Poland implemented the Harvest program in 2020.
  • Burger King is committed to including more plant-based products on the brand's menu.
Starbucks logo
  • Since 2019, Starbucks has participated in Too Good To Go program, to reduce food waste.
  • Guests who visit the coffee house and use their own cup receive a discount on the beverage they buy.
La Tagiatella logo
  • AmRest Central Kitchen shares the suprlus products with the needy via Food Banks.
  • We use solar panels in some La Tagliatella restaurants.
Pizza Hut logo
  • Pizza Hut participates in Too Good To Go and Harvest programs, both aimed at reducing food waste.
  • Pizza Hut implements sustainable packaging solutions.
Sushi Shop logo
  • The Sushi Shop brand participates in the Too Good To Go program which helps reduce food waste.
  • Sushi Shop has replaced plastic cutlery with biobased materials, and changed plastic cups to paper ones.