RB 18/2021 Preliminary Results Release 3Q 2021

AmRest Holdings SE (“AmRest” or the “Group“) AmRest, a leading multi-brand franchise restaurant operator in Europe, hereby reports its preliminary results including sales, comparable sales trends and the status of restaurants operating for the third quarter ended September 30, 2021.

Key highlights 3Q 2021:

  • Consolidated revenues reached 533.6m EUR, representing a 20.9% growth year-on-year.
  • Same-store-sales index up to 115.5% in 3Q 2021.
  • 99% of the restaurants operating as of the end of September.

The recovery of sales volumes in Q3 2021 continued with the same positive trend we closed the previous quarter. The excellent evolution registered is accompanied by a greater number of operating restaurants and the reopening of dine in, as a consequence of the relaxation of restrictions in most of the countries the Group operates. This positive sales trend corroborates AmRest´s commercial approach and service excellence commitment.

The consolidated sales in the third quarter amounted to EUR 533.6m, implying a 20.9% increase year on year.

The same-store-sales index reached 115.5% in Q3 2021. The share of open stores increased to practically all of them reaching 99% at the end of September 2021, up from 98% on the same date the previous year.

Sales of the Central and Eastern Europe division amounted to EUR 252.3m in Q3 2021 and were higher by 27.1% year on year.

Sales in the Western Europe division in Q3 2021 amounted to EUR 192.9m, which was 15.3% higher compared to Q3 2020.

The Russian segment generated revenues of EUR 51.0m in Q3 2021, up 19.1% compared to the corresponding period in 2020.

In China, sales amounted to EUR 27.3m in Q3 2021 and increased by 10.3% compared to Q3 2020.


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Preliminary sales Q3 2021
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