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AmRest Group marks its 30th anniversary, recording an upward trend throughout the year

  • The Company opened its first restaurant in Wrocław (Poland) in November, 1993
  • A significant part of sales now generated through digital channels
  • AmRest now operates 2,143 restaurants in 21 countries worldwide


AmRest, a leading European multi-brand restaurant operator, celebrates its 30 years of operations with growing sales throughout its anniversary year. The Company believes that further growth is strictly aligned with technology, which will continue to enable us to provide more tailored choices for customers, eating out, at home, or on the go.

AmRest began with a single restaurant: a Pizza Hut in Wrocław, Poland, in 1993. Since then, the company has transformed to become a multi-brand operator, serving hundreds of millions of meals each year and creating thousands of jobs across 21 countries. AmRest’s long-standing business partners have also benefited from this growth, contributing to their business development and job creation across the value chain.

Headquartered in Madrid, the Company has transformed the customer experience through the smart use of innovation, such as click and eat, kiosks, and mobile apps. As a result, AmRest sales generated through digital channels surpassed those from other channels for the first time in, 2023. The company's commitment to digital innovation contributes to efficiency gains that translates into positive financial results.

In the third quarter of 2023, the Company continued the trend of strong growth, achieving sales of EUR 632.8 million, an increase of 11.6%, compared to the same quarter of 2022. EBITDA reached EUR 110.9 million, growing by 16.5%, compared to Q3 2022. The portfolio of restaurants expanded by 20 in the quarter, to a total of 2,143. And finally, this growth has been recognised by investors with a market capitalization well in excess of 1 billion Euros.

Our recipe for winning has remained true since the opening of the first restaurant: winning guests’ hearts through service excellence, attractive, value-for-money products and experiences, delivered by our passionate AmRestees,” said “José Parés, AmRest's Executive Chairman. “However, the way we achieve that goal has evolved in the last years and will continue to do so. We aim to anticipate and meet changing customer preferences, help our talented teams develop new skills, as well as adapt and integrate technologies that offer a greater customer experience and choice. The past years have demonstrated the strong foundations and resilience of our business model as we confronted numerous challenges in the industry. We will mark our 30th year anniversary with passion and commitment to grow our business in a profitable and sustainable way,” added José Parés.

Over the past 30 years, AmRest has built a strong international presence. In 2011, the year when AmRest first entered the Spanish market, the Company operated more than 600 restaurants globally. Today, this figure has risen to 2,143 restaurants, in 21 countries worldwide, representing approximately a 250% increase in the last decade.


Evolution from franchisee to franchisor

A key driver of AmRest’s growth has been the evolution from a franchisee –of well-known brands such as KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Burger King– to a franchisor –with brands such as La Tagliatella, Sushi Shop, Pizza Hut and Blue Frog.

Today, the Company cooperates with more than 170 franchisees. AmRest believes that a strong portfolio of multi-brand restaurant operations, a franchise network, a well-integrated supply system, and innovative digital and delivery solutions, are key to creating sustained value for all its stakeholders and providing long-term sustainable growth.


Talent growth

AmRest’s business model is built on a great leadership team that builds scalable and sustainable brands. To achieve this goal, the Company seeks to attract diverse talent that reflects the communities it serves. AmRest has grown from 60 employees in 1993 to more than 45,000 today, expanding from the typical workforce of a small business to become a global organization. The number of AmRest’s employees has been growing at an accelerating rhythm: for example, in Spain, at the end of 2022, the Company employed 5,055 people, a 23,5% increase compared to the 4,090 employees it had in 2021.

The impact of AmRest’s growth extends well beyond the restaurants it operates. Each direct job created at AmRest has a “multiplier effect” on job creation in the value chain, by suppliers and partners. Academic studies estimate between 2 and 4 additional jobs are generated indirectly, when a single direct job is created in the food and beverage sector.