RB 14/2021 Preliminary Results Release Q2 2021

AmRest Holdings, SE (“AmRest” or the “Group”), pursuant to the provisions of Article 226 of the restated text of the Securities Market Law, issues the following statement of inside information: 

AmRest, a leading multi-brand franchise restaurant operator in Europe, hereby reports its preliminary results including sales, comparable sales trends and the status of restaurants operating for the second quarter ended June 30, 2021.

Key highlights 2Q 2021:

  • Consolidated revenues at 464.4m EUR, representing a 70.7% growth year-on-year.
  • Quarter-to-quarter revenues increased by 22.2% compared to Q1 2021.
  • Same-store-sales index (Excluding F/X and adjusting for temporarily closed stores) up to 135.0% in 2Q 2021 from 91.9% at the end of last quarter.
  • 97% of the restaurants operating as of the end of June versus 95% opened at the end of March.

In Q2 2021, after a full year of COVID-19 impact, sales trends recovery were quite strong for all of our brands and for the industry more broadly. This momentum was underpinned by our investments and execution of digital, take-out and delivery strategy that allowed AmRest to significantly grow these sales channels. Fast reaction to consumer needs and quick adaptation to the different rules and regulations by country have been determined to boost the Group’s revenues.

The consolidated preliminary sales in the second quarter amounted to EUR 464.4m, implying a 70.7% increase year on year and quarter-to-quarter sales were 22.2% higher compared to Q1 2021.

The same-store-sales index (excluding F/X and adjusting for temporarily closed stores) reached 135.0% in Q2 2021, up from 91.9% during Q1 2021. The share of open stores has been stable to approximately 97% at the end of June, up from 95% at the end of the previous quarter.

Preliminary sales of the Central and Eastern Europe division amounted to EUR 206.5m in Q2 2021 and were 54.6% year on year and 26.1% higher compared to the previous quarter.

The Russian segment generated revenues of EUR 46.5m in Q2 2021, 108.4% higher compared to the corresponding period in 2020 and 23.3% higher than the Q1 2021.

Sales in the Western Europe division in Q2 2021 amounted EUR 175.7m, which was higher by 90.1% compared to Q2 2020 and 16.5% higher than in the quarter before.

In China, sales amounted EUR 26.6m in Q2 2021, an increase of 38.2% compared to Q2 2020 and a 24.6% increase compared to the previous quarter.

Revenues reported under segment “Other” reached EUR 9.1m and were 99.4% higher than a year ago and 42.8% higher than in the quarter before.


Legal act: Art. 17 Sec. 1 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of The European Parliament and of The Council of 16 April 2014 on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation) and repealing Directive 2003/6/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and Commission Directives 2003/124/EC, 2003/125/EC and 2004/72/EC


Preliminary results Q2 2021
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