Respecting food is essential for this business Respecting food is essential for this business

Respecting food is essential for this business

Each year the World Food Day opens up a discussion about production, distribution, and food consumption. In times like these, when hundreds of tons of food are being wasted each year, there is still a lot to do, especially in the restaurant segment. AmRest, an operator of global restaurant brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks has proven it is possible to save food by implementing a couple of food waste prevention programs – Harvest and Too Good To Go.

Harvest is a food donation program developed in the US which connects restaurants with charities. The unsold products from restaurants are transferred to organizations who support those in need such as homeless people or people with disabilities. AmRest was one of the first restaurant companies in Europe to introduce the Harvest program to the brands the company operates:  KFC (in 2017), Pizza Hut (in 2018), and Burger King (in 2020). Today, AmRest is the leader with more than 350 restaurants in four countries actively participating in the program. As a result, AmRest has  donated over  650 tons of food, which gives approx. 2 million meals.

Preventing food waste also means saving the Earth. When food lands in trash bins, it not only condemns the Earth to additional CO2 emissions, resulting from the decomposition of these products, but also wastes the emissions that accompanied the entire production process. According to AmRest's calculations, thanks to the implementation of Harvest and Too Good To Go programs, the company has already saved at least 5,500 tons of CO2.


Respecting food is essential for this business

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