AmRest supports the fight against food waste

Food waste is one of the biggest global challenges. AmRest feels responsible for the food we serve, therefore since 2017, we have been implementing programs to prevent food waste. As a leader in the restaurant industry, the Company uses its scale to promote good practices among customers and throughout the industry. 

A natural step in the development of AmRest was to include the topic of food waste in the daily functioning of our restaurants. Apart from our flagship project called Harvest under which we donate unsold, cooked food to various charity organizations, we have engaged our brands in cooperation with Too Good To Go, the social impact company behind the world's largest marketplace for surplus food

Through Too Good To Go’s marketplace, our customers help us save hundreds of products from being thrown away in 7 countries. Every day, our staff prepares Surprise Bags composed of products that have not been sold on a given day and uploads them in the app. Customers reserve their Surprise Bags at ⅓ of the regular price and in the last opening hour of the premises, they pick them up.     

Combating food waste has strong environmental implications. Therefore, by saving a million Surprise Bags through our cooperation with Too Good To Go, we are saving the equivalent of one thousand tons of good food from being wasted, and having a positive impact on the planet.           

The fight against food waste will continue to be a priority project of the Company.