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The Company does not use paid services of a rating agency and didn't requested a rating agency to assess a risk related to its securities.

AmRest Holdings SE has implemented in its internal processes and payment schedules the provisions of Law 18/2022 of September 28, 2022 on the creation and growth of companies amending the Law 15/2010 of July 5, 2010 and Royal Decree - Law 4/2013 of June 4, 2013 (amending Law 3/2004), which establish measures against late payment in commercial transactions. Engagement conditions with commercial suppliers in 2022 included payment periods of up to 60 days, according to the terms agreed between the parties.

In the year ended December 31, 2022, the average payment period to AmRest Holdings SE's suppliers amounted to 47 days which is below the legal limit of 60 days.

Number of days:  
Average period of payment to suppliers41.233.6
Ratio of payments40.031.8
Ratio of outstanding invoices54.454.4
Millions of EUR:  
Total payments  251.5204.5
Outstanding invoices22.217.6
Amount payments<60 days220.2188.0
Number of invoices paid < 60 days86 58074 903
% Amount of payments made < 60 days out of the total payments88%92%
% Number of invoices paid < 60 days out of the total payments81%81%

The payments to suppliers of the Spanish consolidated companies reflected in the above table are trade payables as they relate to goods and services.

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