AmRest partners with LogiNext on last mile logistics AmRest partners with LogiNext on last mile logistics

AmRest partners with LogiNext on last mile logistics

LogiNext, a global technology company on a mission to optimize and automate the world of logistics today announced a partnership with AmRest, the leading European multi-brand franchise restaurant operator. The first phase of this cooperation has resulted in a significant efficiency gain by bringing in visibility and tracking across the supply chain.

Through this partnership, AmRest gets access to LogiNext’s Mile platform which will bring the latest digital and automation technology to Company’s 2000+ quick service and casual dining restaurants including KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks. For LogiNext, a pioneer in the field of logistics automation in North America and Middle East, AmRest’s massive presence in Europe will help it build a solid foundation in a new region. Together, the partnership strengthens AmRest operational excellence in the online & delivery segment

The first phase of this partnership involved rolling out the technology to 350 restaurants where AmRest has reported considerable efficiency gains in terms of digitizing backend operations and meeting delivery SLAs.

"Using LogiNext's AI and ML algorithms for overall logistics automation, several Fortune 500 enterprises have completely automated both on-demand and scheduled delivery models. This partnership with AmRest is of paramount importance as it will usher in the next phase of customer experience in the quick service and casual dining domain,” says Mradul Khandelwal, Vice President of Business Development at LogiNext.

“The LogiNext Mile platform has handled millions of orders in the last year for AmRest restaurants and the powerful route optimization and auto allocation algorithms have managed to bring significant improvement in terms of efficiency. Deploying this technology has an all-round impact, better visibility for operation managers, reduced carbon footprint for a greener planet, safer and better experience for delivery associates and the end customer,” says Dinesh Dixit, VP of Client Excellence, LogiNext.

“This exciting partnership elevates our operational capabilities to an even higher level.   Based on the first phase results we are fully convinced that LogiNext’s technology will accelerate our further growth in the online and delivery segment. The more we look forward to rolling out the platform into the rest of our stores”, says Dingeman Heijboer, President New Business and Innovation at AmRest.

“With such an innovative solution, we can significantly strengthen our ability to handle more orders in a shorter time. It brings a real benefit to the company in terms of profitability, but above all, it provides the customers with a reliable and fast delivery service of high-quality products. This platform allows us to effectively build a competitive advantage in the markets in which we operate”, says Krystian Kwiatkowski, Global Delivery Director at AmRest.  


AmRest partners with LogiNext on last mile logistics

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