Olgierd Danielewicz - Chief Operations President

Olgierd Danielewicz
Chief Operations President

Born in 1973 in Poznan, Poland. Graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Master degree in Management and Marketing) and Academy of Economics in Wroclaw (postgraduated studies and MBA). Before joining AmRest he spent time with different companies and different industries. In mid 90's gained first experienced in hospitality business working in Alpenhotel in Oberjoh Germany, later worked in car industry both Germany (Ford accessories) and car's oil - Mobile, Castrol in Poland where he took he learned first lessons in marketing. Still being a University student Olo joined AmRest (ARS) in March 1998 as Assistant Manager of soon to be opened KFC Swarzedz. After extensive training in Szczecin (first AmRest's KFC restaurant) the team succesfully opened AmRest 5th restaurant in Poland. After 6 months (10 months after recruitment) Olo passed his review board for General Manager position and took over his baby restaurant - KFC Swarzedz. For the next few months he also had a chance to run other stores in Poznan. In 2001 Olo joined Training Department as Area Field Trainer and took over responsibility of training in both KFC and Pizza Hut in Western Poland.
As KFC business was growing rapidly a few months later he decided to move to Wroclaw to become an Area Coach of KFC South 1 region (Wroclaw) which he held for four years.

KFC South 1 became a first region in history of the brand which was rank as no 1 in DOS+ ranking , but what's more important most of GMs and managers of that region became either District or Area Coaches, some of them took over responsibility in RST. In 2005 he moved to Warsaw to take over responsibility over few region and together with Libor Hubik and Erik Zlamal became first District Coach in KFC. Three of his Area Coaches from that time are today playing key role in AmRest development in Poland and Balcans.

In 2007 Olo was given a challenge of relaunch of Burger King to Poland. After extensive training in Berlin in Germany his team achieved the best training scores ever in the history of that brand Europe and finally opened successfully BK Zlote Tarasy. This opening has been recorded as one of the best Burger King opening ever. As Drew O'Malley moved from KFC to Starbucks Olo was given a chance to come back to his home brand and took over Brand President position which he holds until today. During that time brand integrated the business in Hungary, Poland and Czech and grew to 265 restaurants generating more then 1 bln zl of yearly sales.

Olo is sharing his time among his three loves - family - wife Renata and his three sons: Patryk, Igor, Marek, work - KFC- the brand of better choice and passions - sport and motorcycles.

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Olgierd DanielewiczChief Operations President

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