Company profile

AmRest Holdings SE (AmRest, WSE: EAT) is the largest independent restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe with a growing international presence. Since 1993 we have been building a portfolio of well recognized, power brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks based on solid franchise and joint venture partnerships. AmRest owns the La Tagliatella brand which is being developed internationally as both Company operated restaurants and franchised stores. In 2012 AmRest acquired two unique brands operating in China- Blue Frog and Kabb. In 2018 the Company's portfolio was supplemented by two equity brands: Bacoa and Sushi Shop.

Today, AmRest operates about 2 367 category leading Quick Service and Casual Dining restaurants (as at 30.06.2021). Through our "Anything is Possible" culture, every day 46.500 thousand AmRest employees in 25 countries deliver delicious food and exceptional service at affordable prices. For a taste of our hospitality, please visit us in our restaurants.


AmRest Strategy

Our WJM culture, scalable unique multi brand restaurant, digital, and food service platform consistently drive innovation, consolidation, and above industry growth & profitability (20%+ CAGR).

Our unique proposition:

Through our WJM culture we will deliver delicious taste and exceptional service at affordable prices


Financial reports More

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